Submitting an Event Phase

Event Phases organize activities and modules to add workflow to your events. Each event is made up of a series of phases that guide end users through their recap completion. 

This article will walk you through how to submit event phases. 


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  • Submitting event phases


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Submitting Event Phases

Each event phase is made up of a series of activities and/or modules. In order to submit your event phase for approval, you must complete all required items. 

For example, the image below shows a phase that is not yet ready to submit. The Submit button is light red and the progress indicator is 0% complete. We can also see that several activities are required. These activities much be complete in order to submit the phase. 



How to Submit a Phase

1. Complete all required activities. See How to Submit an Activity

2. Complete all required modules. The Media Gallery and expenses are examples of modules. 

3. Once all required information has been captured, the red Submit will turn deep red. Click the button to submit your phase. 

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