Brandscopic Overview

Brandscopic is both a company and the name of our flagship product.

The Solution

Brandscopic, as a solution, is an easy-to-use, web-based marketing software that manages and measures the performance of experiential marketing programs against strategic objectives.

With full desktop and mobile capabilities, both agencies and brands can see real-time actionable information, measure outcomes, and make instant decisions. By providing instant access to management tools, performance metrics and campaign insights, Brandscopic helps users to drive more value from their marketing budgets and ultimately win more business. 

The illustration below demonstrates how Brandscopic covers your organization's needs from strategy through analysis.

The Company

Brandscopic has been helping experiential marketing agencies manage and measure their campaigns at local, regional and national levels since 2005. Established in Chicago as "Jaskot Media" in conjunction with a forward thinking experiential marketing agency, Brandscopic started by running software for nightlife marketing campaigns and grew into broader experiential marketing. With 11 years of real world feedback and optimization, the solution has been used by thousands of individuals and now powers more than 30,000 events each year.

In early 2013, the organization rebranded and recapitalized itself as "Brandscopic", moved its headquarters to San Francisco, made several key hires, and embarked on a new path to become the software that both manages and measures experiential marketing campaigns -- providing critical information to agencies and the brands they serve.

We are excited about our new direction, and believe you will be equally excited about the insights uncovered by our solution. We don't require lengthy contracts and we try to keep everything, including our interface, as simple as possible. Our goal has always been to make really hard stuff, really easy. And we still believe we are in the same business as you are: providing beautiful and engaging experiences for our clients.

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