Event Phases: Results

This article is an overview of the Results event phase and will walk you through the varying information on this page. 

Results is the final event phase displayed in the Event Details page once the post event report has been submitted. This phase provides an in depth summary of the performance of your event. Depending on your permissions, this page is used to approve or reject reports. 

The data captured on this page is customized by your administrator and may have any combination of the following elements:

Post Event Recap
The post event recap summarizes the data collected at the event. The fields displayed are configured by your administrator and specific to the event. 

The activities section shows which activities were collected at your event. Click on any of the activities to view their details.

This section shows all expenses collected at your event. Hover over individual expenses to view receipts. 

The gallery is a collection of all photos captured at the event. 

Consumer Comments
This section shows all consumer comments collected at the event. 

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