How to Modify or Edit User Permissions

To Modify or Edit User Permissions you must go to the User section in the Admin module. Here you can update the User's basic information, change passwords, assign Places, assign Campaigns, and deactivate. 

How to Edit User's Basic Information

Select the User you wish to edit from the User list. Click the Edit button as indicated below. A lightbox will appear with basic information for the User. Edit the information and click the red Save button to save your changes. 

How To Assign and Remove Places to Users 

1. Use the right sidebar or scroll through the User list to locate the User you wish to modify. Click on the User. You will be taken to their User Details page. 

To Assign a Place, click the "+" button, as indicated below. 

A lightbox will appear, prompting you to select your Place. Choose from the pre-populated list below, clicking the "+" to add. If the Place you are looking for is NOT in the list, then you can add it by using the search box below and clicking the red Add Place button. Your Place has now been added to the User. 

To Remove a Place from a User, hover your cursor over the Place you wish to remove and click the "X" that appears to the right of the Place's name. The Place is now removed from the User's profile. 

How to Assign and Remove Campaigns to Users

Scroll below Places, to the Campaigns section, as indicated below. 

To Add a Campaign to the User, simply switch 'on' the Campaign by clicking the button to the left of the Campaign name. The button will turn to Green when Campaign is turned 'on' for the User. The User can now see the Campaign. To add additional campaigns, simply continue to switch on remaining Campaigns.

To Remove a Campaign from the User, simply click the button to the "off" position. The button will turn grey. Similarly, if several programs were turned on within a Campaign, just click the "X" button next to the individual programs to remove. The overall Campaign button will turn to grey, however the remaining Campaigns are still turned on for the User. 

For more information on how to Add or Deactivate Users please click the following links below. 

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