How to Schedule an Event for a Brand Ambassador Visit

This article will show you how to create events for visits in the Brand Ambassadors Calendar. This calendar allows you to schedule, track and view Brand Ambassador visits to help coordinate events and schedules. 

Events created in the Visit Details page will automatically show in the Events module. You will be able to view your event in both the Visit Details page and the Events module.

To schedule an event for a visit:

1. Open a Visit and click the red Create button in the Events section. 

2. A lightbox will appear prompting you to enter in your event information. You will only be able to schedule events within the visit date range.  


3. Once you click Create you will be automatically taken to the Event Details page for your event. 

Your event has now been scheduled! To go back to the Visit Details page, click the Click to close bar at the top of page.        


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