Logging in for the First Time

To login to Brandscopic for the first time, you must be invited by your administrator. Once you are added to Brandscopic, you will receive an invitation email.


Logging in From an Invitation

When you receive an invitation: 

1. Click the link in the invitation email

2. Complete the Profile Creation page by entering in basic information such as your password, address and time zone. Click Save to setup your profile.



3. You will be automatically logged into Brandscopic



Depending on your company's configuration, you may need to login to Brandscopic V1.0 or V2.0. Please ask your administrator if you're not sure which version you should login to. 

To log in to Brandscopic V1.0, visit http://login.brandscopic.com/users/sign_in. 

To login to Brandscopic V2.0, visit https://beta.brandscopic.com/users/sign_in.



From the login page you can login by entering your email and password. 

Existing Brandscopic Users

If you are a current or past Brandscopic user and need access to a different brand or agency, you need to be added by your administrator. Once you've been invited, you will receive a notification email letting you know that you have been added to their organization. 

From here, you can login as you normally would by going to http://login.brandscopic.com/users/sign_in or https://beta.brandscopic.com/users/sign_in and entering your email and password. To switch between multiple organizations, click the dropdown arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. 



Note: You must use the same email for all organizations in order to access them from them from the dropdown. If you use different emails, you will need to login separately each time. 


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