Introduction to Events

This article will introduce you the Events list view and walk you through the different actions you can take from this page. 

The Events List is a master list of all events within a users permission. Users will only see events for campaigns and areas they have access to. 

There are several actions you can take within the Events List view:

Change the events list view

Click the grey toggle buttons on the top right corner of the page to view your events against a calendar or map. 

Within the calendar view you can choose to group your events by Brand, Campaign, User or Event. 

Search & Filter for specific Events

By default, the Events List is filtered to show all events occurring today to the future. To target specific events, use the right side bar search and filtering. 

The smart search box allows you to search on multiple criteria. This is a great option for quickly and easily finding your events. As you choose search criteria, you will notice them display in the top filtering bar. 

To filter, simply click into the checkbox next to the filtering option you would like to select. 

Click the arrows next to the filtering categories to expand and collapse criteria. 

Managing Filtering Selections
As you select filtering options, you'll notice that they display as tags in the top filtering bar. This helps you view all of your selections so you know what's been chosen. 

To remove a filtering option, click the "x" next to the tagged filter. 

Export Events

Click the download button in the top right corner to export the Events List to excel. This includes detailed information about each event and respects any searching and filtering criteria that you have selected.  This allows you to customize the list of events you're exporting to meet your specific needs.

Scheduling an Event

Selecting the red New Event button at the top left corner will allow you to create a new event to add to the list. For an in depth tutorial on how to create an event, please refer to the section on Scheduling Events.

View Event details

Clicking on any event from the Events List will open the details view for that event.  For an in depth tutorial on the event details view, please refer to the section on Understanding Event Details.

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