Activities Overview: What are they? And how can I use them?

What are Activities? 

Brandscopic Activities are customizable and unique to companies and programs. We provide the tools for creating robust forms and surveys for staff to fill out before, during or after events to capture event and campaign data. 

Why create an Activity vs. a Post Event Form? 

Activities are flexible and can be optional additions to your Post Event Forms. They can also stand alone and be added directly to venues in the Venues module. 

Let's start with an example:
Company ABC is running a beverage sampling program in 10 different venues over the next month. They want to create a Post Event Form that collects demographic information, impressions and samples. Now, maybe they also want to keep track of menu placements? They could create a menu placement Activity. 

Company ABC can have their staff fill out menu placement activities to keep track of menu placements over the course of their program. By creating them as activities rather than adding them as questions to the Post Event Form, they can now generate detailed reporting specifically about menu placements. 

This also provides the flexibility that staff can go in and keep track of menu placements outside of their scheduled events. By creating activities, your staff does not have to schedule an event every time they need to collect information for your program. 

How do I Add Activities? 

Activities can be added to either the Post Event Form or directly to the Venue in the Venues module. To learn how to do this please click here to review our support article. 

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