Event Data Report

The Event Data Report holds all Post Event Data. Running this report allows you to view all finalized campaign and event data - from basic scheduling information to KPIs, demographics, and much more. 

This report is a great way to access a massive aggregated feed of all Post Event Data. However, if you're looking for a more customized Report, use our Custom Report Builder to target specific data points. 

How to Find the Event Data Report 

1. Go to the Results module and select Event Data from the list of reports, as shown below. You will be taken to a master list of all Post Event Data. 

Once you run the Event Data Report you will be taken to a page with a master list of all Post Event Data. 

What can I do with the Event Data Report?

  1. View all Post Event Data.  
  2. Filter to target specific campaigns, events, and more. Use the right sidebar filter to customize your Post Event Data selection. 
  3. Export. Click the red Export button in the upper right hand corner to export Post Event Data to an excel file. 

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