How to Add and Deactivate Areas

Areas in Brandscopic refer to single places, or groups of places, that you can grant access to for your Campaigns. Essentially they are buckets of location information. This is a way of organizing your data so that you can set market goals and track event performance against Areas. You may only schedule events for a Campaign if the Area that the event is located at is approved for that particular Campaign. 

How to Add New Areas
1.    Go to Areas in the Admin module. 

2.     Click the red New Area button in the top left corner. 

3. A lightbox will appear, prompting you to enter the Areas name and give a brief description. Click Create to create your new Area. You have now created a new Area! However, you have only created a new "bucket" for your Area. In order to use your new Area throughout Brandscopic, we must add geographical locations to the Area. 

How to Add Places to Areas
As discussed earlier in this article, Area is a general term used to describe a single place or group of places. By creating an Area called “Chicago”, we only created an organizational name – “Chicago” is the name of a bucket in the Area list.
In order to be able to schedule events in Chicago, we must now add the geographical location of Chicago to the “Chicago” Area bucket we created.

To Edit and Add Places to our new Area, select the new Area from the Area list. 

You will be taken to the Area Details page. Scroll to the Places section and click the "+". 

 A lightbox will appear, prompting you to enter the Place you wish to add. Type the Place into the search box and the location will automatically begin to pull from our database. Click Add Place to add your place to the Area. You can now schedule events at this location. 

How to Deactivate a Place
If you decide you want to deactivate a Place from an Area, simply click the “X” button next to the place. It will then be deactivated and you will not be able to schedule events at that particular location.

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