How to Add KPIs to a Campaign

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow you to track and measure the success of your Campaigns. Choosing your KPIs carefully is important because the KPIs you select will create the Post Event Recap; these populate as the fields in the Report. It is important to choose KPIs that represent the types of data you need tracked at your Events. 

There are Two Ways to Add KPIs to a Campaign. 

  1. Select a preexisting KPIs from the KPIs List
  2. Create a Custom KPI

To Add a KPI from the preexisting KPI List, simply click the switch to the green “On” display. This KPI will now be tracked for your campaign.
To Add a Custom KPI:

1. Click the red Add Custom KPI button. 

2.  A lightbox will appear, prompting you to enter basic information about your KPI. 

There are several ways to create a Custom KPI. By selecting different KPI Types and Capture Mechanisms you can customize how your data is captured and how the field is displayed on the Post Event Recap.      

  • KPI type – you can choose number, count, or percentage. This is what kind of information you would like to measure – For example, if your KPI is # of samples, you would choose NUMBER.
  • Capture Mechanism – once you choose a KPI Type, you can choose a Capture Mechanism. This is how your KPI will be measured.  For example, if our KPI is still # of samples, we would choose a KPI type of NUMBER and a Capture Mechanism of INTEGER because we measure # of samples as a whole number.

How to Set KPI Goals
Now that you’ve created and added your KPIs, it’s time to set their goals. This is optional, however setting goals is advantageous because it helps you and your staff keep track of the status of your Campaign throughout its execution. 
To set KPI goals:
1. Hover over the KPI you wish to set a goal for. An Edit icon will appear to the right of the KPI name; click the button and a lightbox will appear, prompting you to set your goal.

2. Input your goal and click Save.

3. You can go back and edit your KPI goal at any time by clicking the Edit button.
Your KPIs have now been created and set! To learn how to create the rest of your campaign, please click on the following links below.
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