How to Assign Roles to Users

Roles within Brandscopic are category names of groups of users with the same system permissions. Roles dictate what users can see and do within Brandscopic. For example, scheduling events, approving reports, or creating campaigns.

To learn how to create and configure user roles, please click here.


How to Assign a Role to a New User

In order to add a new user to Brandscopic you are required to select a role. To learn how to add a new user to Brandscopic, please click here.

How to Change a User's Role

1. Select Users from the Admin panel and choose the user you wish to change from the Users List.

2. Once you click the user's name in the list you will be taken to the User Details page. Click edit next to the user's name and a lightbox will appear with their basic information (name, address, etc.).

3. Click into the Roles field and select the new role.


4. Click Save to save the new role. This user will now only see and interact with permissions determined by the new role.

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