What to do if you can't find your invitation email

Typically, if you can't find your Brandscopic invitation email in your inbox, it's because of spam filters. If you've looked in your spam or junk folders and still do not see your invitation email, there are a few other things to investigate. 


  • Wait and be patient. This might sound obvious but if your webmail provider is AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail you could be waiting longer than expected. These providers deliver mail in small batches which sometimes result in emails taking up to 24 hours to be delivered to a specific email account. 
  • Is your email correct? Make sure that you provided Brandscopic with a correct, valid email address (or provided your manager with the correct email address).
  • Resend your invitation email. You can resend the invitation email to yourself by clicking the "Didn't receive invitation instructions?" link on the Brandscopic login page: http://login.brandscopic.com/users/sign_in
  • Contact your IT department. If you're still unable to find your invitation email after following the bullet points above, you may want to check with your company IT department. Your server may be blocking Brandscopic emails from being received.  


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