Adding an Event Name to your Event


The Event name feature allows you to add an event name label to individual events. This is a great way to help further organize your events, making it quicker and easier to search and categorize the events that matter most to you and your team. 



Adding an Event Name to a New Event

Go to the events section and click New Event.


Enter your event name into the Name field.


Enter the remaining relevant event information and click Create Event. Your event and event name will display in the events list under the Campaign / Event Name column. 

Note: You can only add event names to individual events. This is a label for each specific event. If you have more than one event that requires the same event name, you will want to add the same event name to each event.



The event name will also appear at the top of the event details page.



Editing Event Names and Adding Event Names to Existing Events

To change an event name or add an event name to an existing event, click the settings toggle to the right of your event and select Edit.



Either add a new name or edit an existing name in the name field.


Click Save to save your changes.


Reporting on Event Names

Event name will export to the Event Name column in the event list, activity data report, expense status report and custom event report.


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