Brand Ambassador Calendar Overview

The Brand Ambassadors Calendar allows you to track and manage Brand Ambassador visits to help coordinate events and schedules.
In this module you can:
·      View Brand Ambassador schedules against a calendar or list view
·      Get a detailed look into specific visits; keep track of their events and visit schedules
·      Filter visits by Campaign, Area, Brand Ambassador and more
·      Export schedules
·      Upload and view important documents such as travel itineraries or contact information



Visits List View

The visit list is the default Brand Ambassador Calendar view. This is a master list of all scheduled visits. Use the right sidebar to filter for specific visits; narrow visits by date, area and more.

Clicking on any of the visits in the visits list will take you the visits details page. This page holds all relevant details for the specific visit, including assigned Brand Ambassador, dates, scheduled events, and documents.

Calendar View
To view the Visits List against a calendar, select the calendar button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 


You will now view all visits against a calendar, grouped by Brand Ambassador and color coded per campaign. 

To export the calendar:

Simply click the export button in the upper right corner next to the view buttons. You may choose to either export to excel or export as a PDF.

The documents section allows you to view and upload important documentation to share across Brand Ambassadors and Legacy Marketing Partners Headquarters. To view documents, select any of the folders in the list and choose the document you wish to open. From here, hover your cursor over the file to export, edit, move folders, or remove.
You can upload additional documents by clicking on upload and either dragging and dropping files or browsing. 

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